The following two graphs quantify the minimum radio frequency environment around the Australian Space Academy at Meckering, Western Australian. They cover a frequency range from 30 to 1000 MHz. This data was measured, plotted and provided by the Engineering Group of ICRAR (International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research) at Curtin University.

RF 30 to 300 MHz

The first graph covers the range from 30 to 300 MHz. The main sources of radio frequency interference in this band are FM radio transmitters from 88 to 108 MHz, and the TV channel 5A transmitter at Mawson covering the frequency range of 137 to 144 MHz. This interference will disappear in 2013 when analog TV transmissions will be replaced with digital TV.

RF 300 to 1000 MHz

The second graph covers the frequency range from 300 to 1000 MHz. The main sources of RFI in this band are TV transmissions (600 to 700 MHz), and mobile phone transmitters above 880 MHz.

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