This page provides access to real-time seismic data collected by seismographs at the Australian Space Academy. The equipment is run and monitored by Arie Verveer. Any questions about this data should be directed to "". The sensors at ASA are two short period geophones (vertical and horizontal components) and one long period seismograph (vertical component). All instruments measure wave velocity amplitude (in units of nanometres per second).

Geophone seismometer
Short period geophone with response
to vertical waves.
Geophone seismometer
Short period geophone with horizontal
response in the north-south direction.

Long period (20s) Sprengnether seismometer
with response to vertical seismic signals.


The following example is of a magnitude 5.5 earthquake that occurred in Friday the 8th of July 2016. The quake occurred near the town of Norseman in Western Australia, about 450 km away from the ASA sensor. This graph is from the short period vertical seismograph.

Norseman Earthquake

The next example is a higher time resolution image from a magnitude 3.3 earthquake at Kalannie, approximately 170 km from the sensor. It shows the classic primary (P) and secondary (S) waves from the quake which occurred on the 30th of June 2016.

Kalannie Earthquake


These seismograms are updated every 10 minutes at the source site.

Short period vertical component seismograph

Short period horizontal component seismograph

Long period vertical component seismograph


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