The Radio Jupiter project consists of a RadioJove receiver tuned to 20.6 MHz fed by two colinear half wave dipoles, located at the ASA Meckering site. Current data is available from the ASA web site. All data products are archived locally.


Data is collected at each scheduled window when radio emissions from Jupiter are expected. Two MP3 files are produced. The first is a calibration file which lasts for 10 minutes and has a start time 15 minutes before the window commencement. The first 5 minutes of the file is sky noise, and the second 5 minutes are from a calibrated noise source with an effective temperature of around 20,000 K. The second MP3 file is a data file which is sky noise for the duration of the window. This may have a duration of 10 to 180 minutes.

Graphical file produced from the calibration and data files are shown below. These are amplitude plots of second by second average amplitudes of the signal. The first graph is the calibration graph. This is a ten minute plot where the first 5 minutes are sky noise and the last 5 minutes are noise produced by a calibrator with an effective noise temperature of around 20,000 K. The second graph is a data graph of the requested start times and duration and is purely sky noise.

Calibration Plot

Data Plot


The two MP3 files may be downloaded from the space-data directory.


Note that the two MP3 files are deleted one hour before the next data collection is scheduled. The file names are of the form:

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