An all sky radio spectrograph is located at the ASA Meckering site. This covers the frequency range from 20 to 80 MHz, which is 'swept' every second. The full data set is archived. A reduced data set is plotted below.


Each plot covers a six hour time span. The four plots thus cover a 24 hour day. The frequency axis has 112 pixels covering the frequency range from 20 to 80 MHz. This is the full resolution of the spectrum analyser used. The time axis has 360 pixels to cover each six hour period. Each pixel thus represents a minute of time. The colour of each pixel represents the intensity of the radio emission at the particular time and frequency represented by the pixel. The intensity represented is the maximum intensity of the 60 seconds within that minute. The dynamic range covers the range from -110 dbm to -10 dBm in 255 values.

Spectrograph Plot 00-06 hrs

Spectrograph Plot 06-12 hrs

Spectrograph Plot 12-18 hrs

Spectrograph Plot 18-24 hrs


This monitor will record both metric solar radio bursts and jovian decametric emissions when either object is above the horizon. This sensor is currently in a test phase.

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