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The stars twinkled bright
In that moonless night;
The sky was as clear as a bell.
The Cross stood up high,
Like a dagger to cry
A warning straight out of hell.

The Scorpion sprawled in the east;
Was poised to strike out and feast;
The jewel in its head,
Glowed terribly red;
Indeed a most terrible beast.

The Lion in the west
Seemed to wake from its rest,
And turn its head round to the north,
Where crouching, the Bear,
Lay down from its lair,
And wondered when prey would come forth.

The Dog in the south,
Snarled a growl from its mouth;
Its collar gem burning so white.
While off past its brood
Stood the Crab, raw and rude,
And it basked in an absence of light.

Yet a while and the heavens did shake,
And cast down to Earth was the Snake;
While the fireworks on high
Tumbled down from the sky,
And left a most terrible wake.

Worlds moved out of their place,
And the nightmare was too much to face.
So we hid in the caves in the Rock;
Kept hoping the canyons would block
The worst of the terror from space.

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