by Dan Simmons
ISBN 1-587-54106-8
( Olmstead Press )

Book cover

What does a man do after he has walked on the Moon?
Positive psychology for the older astronaut.

"Richard Baedecker is a man adrift, searching for a lost sense of purpose. A former astronaut who onced walked on the moon, excaping the tidal pull of gravity. Sixteen years later, gravity and other entropic forces have overtaken him. His marriage has ended, his professional life has grown increasingly meaningless and his relationship with his only son has all but disintegrated. At this critical moment, in the unlikely Indian town of Poona, he encounters a remarkable woman named Maggie Brown who will point him toward the 'places of power' he has left behind and help him rediscover himself."

"This is a novel about the power of dreams and the possibility of second chances and reflects the deepness and mystery of the universe."