by James Follett
ISBN 0 7493 0492 8
(Methuen, London)

Book cover

With dual themes of satellite remote sensing and beam weapons, the author weaves these around a Vietnamese refugee super-heroine who has avowed to avenge her family from the misdeeds of an evil Russian scientist.

An inspirational read for anyone keen to break into the remote sensing market at low cost. And it will undoubtedly appeal to many of the Vietnamese diaspora and their friends around the world.

"Apart from the exit hole, we're looking at something that's bored a perfectly concentric cooking-pot-size hole through two metres of compact electronics. I don't think a meteoroid could've done that. No way."

"Lesa thought it was one of the most beautiful satellite photographs she had seen. She knew enough about picture analysis to first sit back and allow her consciousness to absorb the whole image without concentrating on one particular area. As she did so, she became aware of the subtle variations of hue in the lighter blues. There were spirals within spirals."